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Where does Percept data come from?
Percept's demographic and ethographic information comes from three sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Claritas, and our own proprietary national Ethos Survey Series.
U.S. Census Bureau has been charged with providing a count of the U.S. Population every ten years since 1790. Over the past 30 years, the scope and magnitude of the data collected during the decennial census as well as during the intervening years has increased dramatically. Although information about any particular individual is considered highly confidential, much of the wealth of information collected by the Bureau is made available to the public and provides the basis for nearly every demographic database available today.
Claritas (formerly National Decision Systems) since 1971, has been the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date demographic data and target market research information about the population, consumer behavior, consumer spending, market segments, households and businesses within any specific geographic target market area in the United States. Claritas is a division of VNU, a world-leading marketing research, demographic, market segmentation research information and media company that includes ACNielsen, Nielsen Media Research, Spectra Marketing Systems and Scarborough Research, among others.
PERCEPT has been providing accurate and easy-to-use demographic and ethographic products since 1987. Recognized as the leading organization providing information to the church and human service markets, PERCEPT is also well known for creating the Ethos Survey Series database which enhances basic census and other demographic information with extensive data about a population's beliefs, concerns, attitudes and preferences. American Demographics magazine has chosen PERCEPT as one of the Best 100 companies in America providing marketing and demographic information. (See Milestones)
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