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Ministry Area

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The highest standard for a detailed and complete community demographic package.
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Why Ministry Area Profile?
The Ministry Area Profile provides you the most extensive foundation to make informed decisions about next steps for your church ministry. It has been a reliable information source in the hands of well-over 45,000 church leaders.
Color graphic summaries, smart report layouts, faith-based Ethos data and thematic color InfoMaps make it easy to understand and easy to share the story of your ministry area with your leadership team.
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  User-Definable Boundary
You can select your own custom geography to define your Ministry Area—a Radius (circular boundary), ZIP Codes, create your own shape (polygon) with your mouse using our fast interactive mapping tool.
  Selecting Your
Ministry Area
  Extensive Demographic Data
Get a powerful view of the people in your ministry area with the rich detail of this profile. Includes Interview, Snapshot, FingerPrint, Census, Trends, US Lifestyles, Ethos and the optional Compass report. 27 pages in all. (See detail in Sample Page Tour).
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  Graphic Presentation Aids
The Ministry Area Profile includes 2 one-page color graphic reports, Snapshot and FingerPrint, along with select color InfoMaps to help you present the information to a group.
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  Thematic InfoMaps
InfoMaps display thematic information such as age, race, or faith involvement, breaking down your ministry area by block group, a  rough equivalent to neighborhoods. In all, there are 136 optional themes to select from. (See InfoMap menu link at right). If you choose not to select from this menu of options, we will include three key InfoMaps with your order.
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