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Regional and
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  Percept Milestones  
Mark Schulz and Mike Regele formed a partnership to develop planning solutions that would assist church leaders with the increasing demands of change. They incorporated as Ministry Consulting.
Introduced Ministry Area Profile to churches throughout the United States, the first affordable, graphical, easy-to-use demographic report with color thematic maps.
Introduced Your Church and its Mission, which integrated information about a church's ministry area and congregation as the basis for local mission strategy.
Company name is changed to Church Information and Development Services.
Introduced Regional Studies to support denominational agencies.
Began Ethos90s database project, conducting a national survey of 25,000 people on religious attitudes, preferences and behaviors.
Introduced ethographics and ethographic information via the Ethos Report, which is included in the Ministry Area Profile™. Ethos highlights religious affiliation preference, faith involvement, primary concerns, and giving patterns.
Introduced VISTA, a set of strategic information resources including large InfoMaps for regional governing bodies, specifically to support church development decisions.
Company name is changed to Percept.
Surpassed 10,000 Ministry Area Profiles produced.
Fielded second national Ethos Survey.
Introduced ImagineArea Analysis for the purpose of study and planning at the level of a regional agency's total geographic area. The company's first PeopleArea, the ImagineArea (3 to 7 mile radius), is a unique geographic measuring unit, which limits analysis to areas where people are located and facilitates the comparison of same-sized areas of population.
ImagineArea Analysis for the first time allowed church leaders to see where their churches were in relation to population centers.
Added Interview (1-page Q&A summary) and FingerPrint (1-page graphical summary) to Ministry Area Profile.
Introduced ReVision, an improved self-guided planning process for churches, replacing Your Church and its Mission.
Introduced Context, a powerful demographic report that compares a church's congregation to the people in the church's ministry area for the purpose of mission and ministry planning.
Introduced the VISTA Client Program, featuring a multi-year contractual relationship for regional agencies, with an integrated set of information resources based upon ImagineArea Analysis.
Introduced COMPASS, a 6-page companion report to the Ministry Area Profile (MAP), featuring church program, style and communication preference information derived exclusively from Percept's Ethos data base.
Named among BEST 100 Marketing Information Companies by American Demographics Magazine.
Published Death of the Church, written by Mike Regele and Mark Schulz (Percept founders). The book was foundational to the corporate vision and mission of Percept, and the result of years of research.
Introduced FocalArea Analysis and NeighborArea Analysis, featuring smaller (1.5 to 2.5 mile radius) and smallest (.25 to .75 mile) PeopleAreas respectively, to assist a regional agency with zooming in to specific sub-regions or communities within their purview for the purpose of focused church development planning.
Introduced VISTAplan, an integrated planning process for regional denominational agencies to facilitate intentional mission planning and church development based upon a unified vision. The planning process is informed by regional PeopleArea analysis.
Introduced, Percept's first informational public website.
Presented vision for DIGITAL distribution of client information resources at VISTA Client Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Introduced PerceptNet Connect, a subsidy program to aid the purchase of computer hardware to enable online access for clients.
Introduced FirstView, a low-cost, graphical, six-page summary report available online for all of a VISTA client's PeopleAreas.
Introduced VISTA2000, DIGITAL access to information for VISTA clients. The VISTA2000 website includes KnowledgeServer, a sortable table of client PeopleArea variables with links to detailed information. (Since then Percept has pioneered, with its clients, the online delivery of its information resources. The most current demographics are now always accessible via the web to Percept clients.)
Fielded third and largest national Ethos Survey to over 40,000 respondents.
Surpassed 100 VISTA Clients (regional denominational agencies).
Introduced, a website for member-churches of Percept's regional denominational VISTA Clients to provide online access to community demographics and leadership insight resources.
Introduced the 10 Facts Series of instant zip code demographic reports, available to member-churches via the website, featuring 10 Basic Facts, 10 Race Ethnicity Facts and 10 Faith Facts.
Surpassed 200 VISTA Clients (regional denominational agencies).
Developed Client Relations department to fully assist Vista Clients with usage of Percept's digital information resources.
Conducted survey research into Congregational Development activities among denominational regional bodies in the U.S..
Introduced MinistryMatch for members. MinistryMatch allows a church to instantly check current church ministries and programs to the likely preferences of those in their community (ZIP Code area).
Surpassed 300 VISTA Clients (regional denominational agencies).
Equipped new training facility at Percept's Southern California location and launched no-fee Training Events for regional denominational VISTA Clients.
Published the Context Guide, written by church consultant and author, Jill Hudson, to support the use of Context, Percept's unique study that compares the demographics and preferences of a congregation to its community.
Surpassed 50,000 registered local church users on, the website for member-churches of Percept's regional denominational VISTA Clients to provide online access to community demographics and leadership insight resources.
Celebrated 20 Years of partnership with US churches, national and regional denominational agencies, and other religious organizations.
    Revolutionized production and delivery of custom demographic reports with the introduction of FirstView Maker, a simple online map interface to facilitate self-service creation of study-area boundaries and instantly delivered FirstView PDF files for local
churches and regional bodies. Delivered over 1,000 custom reports in the first month of operation.
    Also introduced Instant FirstView reports for counties, ZIP Codes and church radius areas in  
    Surpassed 40,000 Ministry Area Profiles produced.  
    Surpassed 2 Million FirstView Reports produced.  
Launched ActiveViewer, an online map interface and demographic information retrieval system combined into one easy to use tool. This cutting edge resource allows regional clients to view and zoom in on their region and all of their church locations, providing instant one-click access to Percept reports using integrated, user-friendly GoogleMap features, such as detailed satellite, aerial, and street-level photo coverage.
Launched MemberView, the "one-click household mapping and analysis" tool. MemberView enables churches to enter individual addresses or import existing member database files and instantly benefit from an interactive map display, as well as drive-time and distance analysis. This powerful resource features Percept Group's hallmark ease-of-use and dynamic, graphical presentation quality.
Launched Ministry Area Profile Maker, built upon FirstView Maker's simple online map interface for self-service creation of study-area boundaries and instantly delivered PDF files for local churches and regional bodies. Ministry Area Profile's more than twenty-year legacy as the church's premier, community-focused information tool has now been regenerated with an energy-efficient, completely digital makeover.